(Heather O. over at Mormon Mommy Wars wrote a nice post about my site this morning… It’s so cool when I find out people are actually reading this! I sit and spill my crazy mind between changing diapers, wiping noses and uncontrollable bouts of morning sickness, and someone actually thinks what I say is interesting! Hoo-Ha!)

Today was the Halloween party at Jeffrey’s school, and I think all preschool teachers deserve medals during the holidays. I can’t even handle two sugar-whacked kids, let alone a class of twenty. Today the teachers eyes had that glassy crazed-over look when she brought Jeff out to the car, and I really felt for her. Jeffrey went to school as a cow, courtesy of Costco and their marked-down costumes on Monday, and was disappointed that none of the girls were cowgirls. He had spilled chocolate milk all down the front of the suit, and was unzipped halfway, a-la Elvis, as he buckled himself into his booster. (It really is a happy day when they can get in and out of their seats by themselves.)

We were on the way home from school when I see he is doing the “potty-dance” in his seat, and he starts to squeal that “it’s coming!”, we are no where near a bathroom, and when I think of pee mixed with the chocolate milk, I start to feel ill. So I pull over on a sidestreet, grab an empty McDonald’s cup from the floor, unbuckle him and unzip the Elvis cow suit the rest of the way. He was soooo impressed with my ingenuity, and I am afraid he thinks this is the new cool thing to do, but I was desperate. Does this make me a bad mom? I tried not to think of what was sloshing around in the cup for the rest of the way home. Sometimes being a mom is so gross.

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