My eyes are bleary and red, and they sting as I try and focus on my screen. At 4:20 this morning, Saturday morning, our smoke alarm decided to begin beeping. Not the loud blasting noise that indicates we should grab our babies and make haste, no, this was the little, intermittent, but still very loud, *beep* that lets us know the alarm needs a little love.

After shaking off the grog and disorientation of 4:20 in the morning, we figured out what it was, and all we wanted to do was turn the dang thing off so it wouldn’t wake up the kids. Is there anything more desperate than a parent trying to keep a kid asleep? We thought the battery was low, but it turns out our alarm is wired directly into our electrical system. My husband is standing up on the kid’s plastic potty-stool in the hallway, trying to fidget with it in the ceiling, and managed to disconnect it. As it is sitting in his hands, no wires attached, it beeps again!! We have a possessed smoke alarm! HOW does an alarm that is off it’s power source still give off annoying and timely beeps every few minutes?

So now I am downstairs, at 5 o’clock in the morning, on a Saturday, trying to download the manual for our smoke alarm. At least the kids didn’t wake up. The dang thing is still chirping at us, but it’s burried under a pillow until we find the manual. Did I mention it is Saturday?

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