So I am totally out of the first trimester and almost half way through the second. The pregnancy books mock me by saying how much energy most women have in the second t.m., and how you should be feeling better, nausea gone, sex drive in high gear… uhhh…did I miss the boat somewhere? Am I the only woman in the world who does not have a life or pregnancies like that? Sex drive? Puhhh-leeze! Don’t touch me, I might barf on you!

I have avoided writing about it lately, mostly because I am sick of thinking about it, but I am still totally barfing every day, usually several times. Actually, I have decided to try and put a positive spin on it- If I am going to toss the cookies anyway, why not eat whatever I want? So I had a big burrito today with sour cream and extra cheese, totally enjoyed it until the waves started, then lost the whole thing. Is that sick? No pun intended. Am I becoming an incubating bulimic?

Tomorrow looms as a big nasty cloud of smells to deal with. Eww. That’s all I can think of, all the smells that will be filling the house, and we will be at the in-laws, so I have to have a barf back-up plan. Here at home, I keep a bucket in the kitchen sink and in the bathroom, but that probably won’t fly at someone else’s home. Why a bucket? I have two little boys, and hanging my head in the toilet is beyond the pale, no matter how many times I scrub it- it’s also more comfortable to barf at counter-height- something I wish I didn’t know.

I have been instructed to bring a broccoli casserole tomorrow. Let’s all laugh together at how much that is going smell baking. Of all things, a broccoli casserole?? Oh, and a salad. I can handle a salad- won’t be able to eat it, but I can make one without gagging.

So I hope everyone out there who knows me better than I know you have a great and wonderful and loving Thanksgiving. May your day be lovely and filled with good family memories and happy moments. Meanwhile, I will be in the bathroom, trying to be quiet so as not to make a scene and ruin 26 people’s dinner. Happy Turkey Day everyone.

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