Running to bathroom bowl. Blowing nose and cleaning self up.
Taking pill to make nausea go away.
Hideus sleepiness that I cannot fight.
Waking from couch, kids hitting each other with flashlights and balls.
Crying. Yelling.
Oh, crap. We’re late for school- no one has eaten
Drive through, roll windows down to escape smell.
Drop kid off, head home
Check mail, find a note from tax board saying Excise tax return is late. What’s excise tax return? Oh, crap.
Letter from bank, saying we bounced a check? Haven’t done that in years, how’d that happen?
Crying baby, missing binkies. Been home 2 minutes.
Rining phone with relative wanting to know if done with invitations I promised to help with.
Baby still crying, still can’t find binks. Relative asks if this is a bad time…
Bad time?
Uh, yeah. The last 7 months have been a bad time. And the next 6 weeks are going to feel like a marathon I cannot finnish.
Phone ringing. Client wondering where order is. Should have mailed yesterday. Haven’t.
Get baby in bed, still can’t find binks.
Phone rings. Phone rings. Ring. Ring. Go away.
Get baby to sleep, begin frantically going through papers.
Input various receipts and expenses to quickbooks and print Profit & Loss sheet.
This is a joke, right?
Go online to government site, and input figures. Today is deadline without 25% penalty.
Pray got it right and won’t be audited.
Trying to process return, baby wakes SCREAMING, can’t leave computer NOW.
Grab screaming baby, finish tax return with screamer on lap.
Log off, have coughing fit and pee pants.
Phone rings, cell phone rings at same time.
Baby still crying, can’t find binks again.
Husband on phone.
Wants to know HOW I AM.

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