Last year, on this day, we did the exact same thing as we did today! How predictable and boring are we??! Beanie’s birthday just happens to fall on the County Fair here in Washington, and so that’s what we do to celebrate.

This year was substantially more pleasant for Mama, since I wasn’t fighting early morning sickness and running from the Alpaca exhibit to barf. The small things really are what make life enjoyable. We spent a small fortune, per normal for any county fair, and DH and I discussed maybe a new tradition for Beanie’s birthday next year. It was wacky to justify spending $3 per ride for crappy little death-trap carnival rides when we are still shaking the Disneyland dust from our shoes- Besides, isn’t petting cows and eating another blue sno-cone enough of a rush?

By the time we got home, tired, dirty and grumpy (some of us), the idea of baking a cake was just too high a bar to hurdle, so I took Beanie to the bakery and let him pick out whatever cake he wanted. He LOVED that idea. Sitting in the fridge is a double layer chocolate red devil cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate ganache coating, topped with Snickers bars and Hershey’s Kisses. Mmmmm. You think I ought to let them eat it before church tomorrow?

The Birthday Fairy is coming tonite- I just sent the DH to the grocery to get balloons and crepe paper, in a last-ditch effort to do something cool. Since he sleeps like a canary, I can’t decorate his bedroom, but I can do the family room.

Our Anniversary is Monday… Seven years. I’m not feeling particularly itchy. What will we do, what will we do… Well, since we didn’t go out tonight, tomorrow is Beanie’s birthday, and Monday is Family Night and a school night, we’ll probably kiss each other passing in the hallway, and call it a day. Ah, romance with little kids around….!

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