Beanie is a “hider”- I’ve written about it before. Remember the butter incident? And the binkies? He’s getting quite a reputation in our family- it’s like having our own personal “Clapper” for everything in our home. If you can’t find it, just ask Eric- he’ll know!

There are some small, uh, problems with this little benefit. Just the other day, while on the phone with Heather O., Beanie made off with a whole loaf of bread, scampered under Abby’s crib, and was hoarding it in the corner. He doesn’t eat things, (unless the things are butter things), just hides them.

So the other day, my husband comes in the kitchen, holding a strange, hard and withered object. “What the heck…?” he trails off, “This was under the bed…”

In his hands is a chicken sandwich from McDonalds. It was perfectly dried out, hard as a rock, and still wrapped in it’s yellow paper wrapper. Several days previous, I had made a desperate segue into the drive-through of our local Mickey-D’s, grabbing lunch for all they Monkeys. When we got home, I unpacked everything on the table, and went to grab ketchup from the fridge.

We sat down to eat, and I was exasperated when I realized they had, once again, screwed up our order, and forgotten Jeffrey’s chicken sandwich, mayo, no “leaves” (his codeword for lettuce). I shared my hamburger with him, and promptly forgot about it.

Evidently, Beanie is not only a hoarder, he is a fast, sneaky hoarder. And, I need to clean under the beds a little more often!

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