The Good:

Having a holiday with friends- and their boys who are such good buddies with my boys. Yay for no stress! It was the best Thanksgiving I can remember in a long time, especially since I don’t get to have the holiday with my family anymore. The turkey came out moist and delicious, thanks to a salt brine and a mayonnaise bath, pre-baking (a little trick of my mom’s) and we had four different jello salads, none of them lime! No one got hurt, no one cried (except with laughter) and not one awkward family tense moment happened. A rockin’ holiday, as far as I care. Oh, and I made the best gravy ever, thanks to Cooks Illustrated.

The Bad:

Well, we forgot to even put the rolls on the table. Beanie didn’t eat so much as one single bite. The crock-pot stuffing I tried for the first time all ended up in the el-garbage (so, so bad) and two of our other friends cancelled due to family obligations.

The Ugly:

The mashed potatoes. Oh, the agony. How does one mess up mashed potatoes when one can throw down a rockin’ bird and gravy? I don’t know, but I managed to do so- horrible, horrible, lumpy, hard, cold potatoes. Inedible potatoes, and that’s hard to do, my friends! Mr. Mo Mommy actually bent the steel on my ricer trying to rice the dang things! They were so SO bad- even with hot butter and cream mixed in, they were awful. Mo Mommy and I ended up dumping them on the counter and playing in them, after dinner, much to the kids’ delight. We made a lovely, possessed “snowman”- and she has pictures to show- Beanie opened my camera and ruined the ones I took, unfortunately.

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