Well, since my husband was home for the “weekend away” anyway, he encouraged me to go out and spend some time alone. All alone. Sweet aloneness.

So I did.

Downtown, I wondered what to do with my hands without a stroller- without someone clinging to my legs, or pulling my hands, or running away and giggling as I chased them… This was seriously something I was a little worried about. How sad is that? What will I do with my hands? Turns out it’s not such a big deal….

I met one of my favorite people at the shopping center, and we sat on a bench, both of us sans kiddos, and kind of stared off in the air for a while, glazed looks on our faces and maybe a little drool on our chins- what happens in the forest when two moms with six kids meet without their kids? Do they make a sound? Turns out it was positively lovely, and once we both acclimated to the relative silence and peace, we people-watched for a while, and decided I should never, ever cut my curly long hair.

At our leisure, we walked across the street and had a fabulous lunch at the new hip spot, and never talked about our kiddos- we talked about blogging, music, art, clothes and how fascinating it was to watch the waitress mix our little pots of sauce- but we never talked about diapers, tantrums, barf or poo. And we didn’t even realize it till later…

We looked at the darling, impractical, non-mom shoes in Nordstrom. While on the way to Kiehls- all I wanted was some lip-balm- the swirling, shiny glitter-studded vortex of the MAC counter sucked is in, and two hours later, we left with our sparkly selves and small, very expensive bags full of happiness swinging on our wrists.

My friend had to leave to pick her kiddos up, and I continued on my merry way, hitting a bookstore or two, a hair place, a boutique toy store and some more shoe places. I didn’t really get anything, just enjoyed the solitude and the quiet and being able to look without distraction…

When I left to head home, it was getting dark, and big, fat flakes of snow were falling from the twilight sky- but the snow was melting as soon as it hit the sidewalk- it was beautiful- the best combination… pretty snow, and no build-up.

*long, relaxed, relieved, refreshed, pretty sigh*

Time to get back on the horse, only now I feel like I can. Giddy-up.

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