It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! And here it sits, the way I always imagined it could look, in my living room.  It was way more work than I first thought, but it was also totally worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears.  Remember, it was black- with stain, years of grime and neglect. It was so bad someone actually put it out for the trash… and now it’s a gem.

Now I need to get a piano repair guy in here to fix the broken hammers ( I have them all) and give her a good tuning, and we’ll all be able to start our piano lessons.

We had an Elder come over one night who sat down and banged out a smashing, if slightly off-tune, rendition of Rhapsody in Blue, so it shouldn’t be too hard to bring the old lady back into usable condition. Even if She never holds a tune, I will never get rid of my beauty.

Here is a side shot of the wood, so you can see what quarter-sawn tiger oak looks like… lovely.


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