Harry Potter has been released, purchased and completely read. “Transformers the Movie” is now behind us, and the tie-in toys are mostly already broken. The kids are tired of playing outside, in the dirt pile and in their tree-fort. The heat is no longer warm and welcome on our faces, but now irratating and tiring and grump-inducing.

Thirty-eight days ’till school starts. *sigh*

What am I going to do with them for the rest of the summer? Birthdays, grandparents visiting, and even the county fair are all due after school starts. The long, long days of August stretch out before us in a hot, tiring yawn. I feel helpless, short on patience and even shorter on ideas to get us all through happy and intact.

Currently, they’ve pulled the cusions off the living room couch and are taking videos of each other with my cell phone. If I send them out back to play this time of day, their little red-head skin will look like a chalupa in a matter minutes. Even with spf 60 slathered all over them.

My allergies are manic and sneezing fits irritate the crap out of me. Not the least of which because I never know when a sneeze is going to be just too much for my poor birthed-three-children bladder.

Today, out of desperation, I have a babysitter coming over so I can get out alone. I think they may be looking forward to her more than I am. There is nothing really pressing I need to do- besides be alone. Sweet, delicious alone-ness.

Thirty-eight days. Thirty eight days thirtyeightdays thirtyeightdaysthirty…

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