Today, hat in hand, pride in our pockets, DH and I went to the Bishop’s Storehouse.

For anyone who doesn’t know, or isn’t familiar with our church- The Bishop’s Storehouse is part of the Church welfare system- and are direct suppliers of food to families in need, as well as storehouses for vast quantities of other food in case of natural disaster or emergency. At our local storehouse, there are three enormous grain silos out back that have enough wheat stockpiled to feed our city- not just Church members- but everyone. Chances are, there’s one in your neighborhood, too- most people don’t even notice them. The Church has them all over the country.

If your family finds itself in distress, loss of job, medical needs, or some other trial in which your finances are strained, any bishop can refer you to the Storehouse. Most people who use it are members of our church, but I have volunteered there in the past, I have seen needy folks of other faiths show up- they are never turned away. The food is considered the Lord’s food, and our only job is to see it gets to the Lord’s children who are in need.

It’s not only food- they have cleaning supplies, toiletries, laundry needs, diapers, formula, paper products and even seasonal treats. It goes far beyond basic needs. There is fresh produce of all kinds, meat, dairy, canned goods, dried goods- It’s basically a grocery store, but with no cash registers, and kind people volunteering their time. You get your cart and a volunteer takes your list and helps you gather what your family needs.

No tally is kept- and you will never be asked to repay what has been given you. The only thing that is asked is that you someday, when you are able, help someone else.

That, my friends at the county, is how it’s done. Take notes.

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