hair challenge week 3

Three weeks. No shampoo. No brushing. No hair dryer. No Hagrid!

I can’t beleive it. If I hadn’t done it myself, I would totally not buy it- and yet, there it is- proof positive- thick, shiny, curly, soooo soft, not crunchy or gelled or stiff (or fuzzy), lovely hair. I may still iron it out once in a while- once in a great while.

Things may be going to hell in a handbasket- but hey! My hair looks great!

Once again, thanks Jen, Mythbuster Beauty, and Jessicurl. I’m sold! If any of your curlies out there are tired of hating your hair, I highly suggest you give it a shot- three weeks- I promise, It works!! Just for giggles, remember this?  Yeah. Buh-bye Hagrid!

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