It would seem I am not the only cheese-hound in our house. Jeffrey came home from school today, opened the fridge, and immediately exclaimed. “MOM! You went to the CHEESE store!!”

The next words from his mouth- “You went WITHOUT me?!”

Jeffrey and I have a special Cheese Friends handshake- we really do.  And when he saw the telltale wax-lined paper in the icebox, not only did he recognize it- (He is 6!) But he proceeded to examine all the little wax wedges until he found the Regianno Parmigiana chunk. I told him he could have some, and a few minutes later, I found him on the sofa, watching Tom & Jerry, gnawing off the entire wedge.

Do I really want my boy craving and inhaling cheese that’s $30 a pound?? I have created a monster. I’m secretly tickled pink.

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