The dresses? They are done. And I never want to see them again. But I have to, tomorrow at the wedding. Seriously, sewing on dupioni is a freaking nightmare. It ravels so badly that the presser foot and feed-dogs on my machine kept catching, then the seam would pucker, and I would have to tear the whole thing out and start again. I tore the skirt off the bigger dress no less than five times. Yes, five. Mercifully, the fabric is forgiving of needle holes and didn’t require cutting a new skirt.

I’m also kind of a renegade sewer- I can totally sew, but I’m not used to fine finish work. Putting in the blindstich hem was a challenge, but the invisible zipper made me cry (and swear), and I ended up calling a friend to rescue me.

I was so done with them, I forgot to take a picture. I just dropped them on the porch of the girls that are wearing them, made the sign of the evil eye, and sped off.

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