Boy, has my writing tanked or what? I’m just so flippin’ busy that I don’t have time to sit down and ponder out anything good- so this is what I’ve got: Random Crap. Again.

Today is a luncheon at my visiting teacher’s house- and google maps have no idea where she lives. I’ve tried every variation of her address I can think of. The just built a big house out in the middle of somewhere, and I’m excited to go have scrumptious vittles there, but I don’t know where ‘there’ is. My VT is one of those women who does EVERYTHING awesomely. She has seven kids, she’s pretty and slender and her kids are fantastic, she has a great house and his thoughtful and kind and I have no idea how to even be normal around her! She rocks.

Beanie is finding his groove at school, and now that he has HIS book labeled with HIS name, all the planets are spinning in their orbits again. Whew.

Beanie and I are headed down to California for the weekend to surprise my brother Eric (Bean is named for him) for his 30th birthday. Well, it was a surprise until my mom ‘oops-ed’ it. Now how, do you ask, can a woman from an eleven-month unemployed family afford to jaunt down to the Bay Area for the weekend? Ah, that, my friends, is where having cousins with no kids and lots of frequent flier miles comes in very handy! Two free tickets, thank you very much! Just me an Bean. Jeff is in a snit, but I keep reminding him he got the trip to SLC and now it’s Bean’s turn.

I played hooky from church yesterday. My back hurt, but really I want to until after this election is over. Politics and religion are strange bedfellows, and I really don’t enjoy the party. Only one more week. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

My new attempt at creating a better routine (who am I kidding, I had NO routine at all!) is going well. I’ve actually gotten dinner on the table every night for a  week. What? You do that every night? Well, it’s new for me. I’m such a whirlwind of whimsy that I forget to cook (a lot), until someone small is pulling on me begging for some food. It’s been kind of nice to have more of a routine, and I think the kids are liking it. Now we just need to work on FHE. If only my head weren’t so in the clouds all the time…

The Dresses have come back to haunt me. Yes, sitting here on my desk is another wad of the cream dupioni silk and a pattern. Someone saw them and wants her granddaughter to have one, and now I have been cursed. I have to make another one. Only even smaller. Size 4. Smaller arm holes, smaller zipper, smaller smaller smaller. FUN. When in desperate times, the offer of cash for my sanity seems like a good deal… Talk to me next week though…

TMI: Anyone else ever have a period last for a couple of weeks? It’s like the winter that never ends, or the faucet that keeps trickling and driving your batty so you tie an old sock over it in the middle of the night and then it soaks through anyway and the crazy noise comes back and now you have a bigger mess to clean up… no? Oh. Nevermind then.

Men and women are not meant to spend all their time together. Men and women should not be at home all day together. It’s not the way of the circle of life. Trust me.

David’s mom has been bringing over her old OK and People magazines. I can’t believe how addictive that crap is! I need to see what new thing Shiloh is wearing, or how an $1800 pair of Louboutin shoes- everyone has them, you know- are the new Must Have. Crikey. Who lives like that? I feel like a peeping tom, but I can’t put them down! I never buy them, but somehow having them given to me for free makes them great bathroom fodder. Must. Have. More. Willpower.

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