For the most part, my home is decorated in whimsical, boho antique yard sale chic. Seldom do I purchase anything new, preferring instead to thrift, craft, play find-it-at-a-tag-sale, make do, or make it myself. For the most part this works for me.

I also try and avoid general style trends (which is easy when you’re vintage-ing it) I have avoided many pitfalls it opting for classic. I’ve even avoided, like the plague, the giant wall clock trend. Until this morning.

Well, I suppose I’m still avoiding it, since I have no money, but my heart fell to my tummy when I was flipping through a Ballard Design catalog and saw this clock. The color, the patina, the gears, the rust,  the modest size, the…the… *sigh* it’s just lovely.

I’m trying to figure out how to make it myself. I know painting the face would be easy, but the gears? Forget it. The workings? I’ve already checked the craft stores, and they have no clock parts bigger than a standard clock.

* * * * *

Em started a second blog, and if you have second to pop by and look at the prettiness, do it. It’s about pretty things she finds. What a lovely idea.

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