almonds5So I was upstairs taking a shower (what was I thinking?!). The boys were playing Lego and Abby was in her room. Nice and quiet. Nothing at all happening. When I got out of the shower, David and I went through some mail and then we all came downstairs. 

Evidently, Abby quietly came downstairs before us, for she had found a small tin of almonds on the counter, and they were now poured on the table.  “Who did this?” I looked at her.

“Abby did it.” she quickly volunteers. Well, at least she’s honest.

Grabbing the can, I ask her to help me clean them up- when I realize every. single. almond is wet, and completely devoid of salt. She had sucked on each almond, and deposited them in a neat pile.

What does one say to that? Anyone remember this? *sigh*

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