vintage-halloween-little-girl-witch-pumpkin-black-cat-card1I hate carving pumpkins. It’s true. I do. I hate pumpkin guts, and the way they smell is just vile. I do like pumpkin seeds, but I can buy those in a nice little bag at the store. I’m hoping the kids will just forget about the whole pumpkin-carving thing this year and be happy with the plug-in Jacks on the porch.

Last night my old RS president brought me over three Kerr jars full of pie filling she made. Guess what I’ve been eating? That, and Boursin. The grocery store had Boursin marked down to $2.99- so of course I had to get them all. Added to the three-pack my friend brought me from Costco.

It’s  a Folding and Stuffing party at my place tonight- just as soon as I get the kids in bed! Shipping drop d-day is tomorrow, no ifs ands or buts about it. It’s exciting. I pick up the rest of the job from my printer this afternoon.

Our church Halloween party is Friday night, and all I have to do is show up. There are some seriously wonderful hidden benefits to being a member of my church. Free Halloween is but only one…

Beanie is into spilling the Nog of Egg lately. Yesterday, he dropped a whole jug on the floor in the dining room- which caused many tears and great consternation. Then today, at the market to replace said jug, he drops the carton on the frozen food aisle, and it splits wide open on the side seam. We are clearly not meant to have eggnog.

The kids had their first visit last night with their dad since the divorce. It went surprisingly well- with not a lot of emotional post-visit fall out. Yay for tender mercies.

There are about three feet of fallen leaves in my backyard. If I wasn’t deathly allergic to black leaf mold, I would be out there- but playing in the leaves is a guaranteed trip to the ER for me. I even have to strip the kids’ clothes if they play in them, and immediately wash ‘em.

I am SO not ready for the holidays this year- despite the stores yelling at me that I should really be hanging the mistletoe already. And for the record? There will be NO mistletoe in this house this year!

I’m thinking of boycotting Fakey Fakerson this year and opting for a real tree. Mr Fakey is nice and all, but his smell leaves something to be desired. At least he’s not pink.

By the way, I’m changing my last name back.

Why are there only ho costumes for women in the stores? You can be a witch ho, a devil ho, a maid ho, a princess ho, a pirate ho, a space alien ho, a cheerleader ho, a fairy ho, a medieval ho, a hippie ho, a frankenbride ho, a ghost ho, a vampire ho, a zombie ho,  ho ho ho…

Have a Happy Halloween at your house too!

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