Despite the shiny-faced utopian vision of Norman Rockwell (of whom I am a fan) I am finding myself not a fan of Scouting. Jeffrey just started this year, and while in theory I can see the benefits, in practice, I’m finding it lacking.

Pin-pointing exactly what bothers me- and articulating it- is proving evasive, which makes this more of a rant than a legitimate criticism. If my son were not actually at Scouts right now, I might even be able to refer to the handbook.

The whole thing just sits a little… askew. So many of the tasks the kids are supposed to do to earn their marks involve the parents actually doing the work- or at the very least, pushing and prodding their kids along. It seems about the status of achievement- achievement that is actually about the parents’ work and status. How many pinewood derby cars have you seen that were actually made by a kid? And the poor kid whose parents actually allowed him at the helm for design and production? Watch him get smashed at the races and tell me what lesson he’s learned.

I don’t know how long our scouting foray will last- Jeffrey hasn’t earned one badge yet- but I know if I have to be the motivator, it’s not going to be long.

I guess that’s all.

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