Hmmph. I was never going to leave this house. This was It. I was going to watch my kids leave for college, missions and marriage from here. This isn’t another post with me bemoaning dismay at losing my house. That’s done, water under the bridge. This is about me kicking myself for thinking I was done moving and getting rid of all my boxes and packing stuff. For thinking, since I was never moving again, I didn’t need to keep my food storage in cannery boxes, because they looks so much neater and prettier lined up on the shelves. Man, in the almost three years since buying this house, I have accumulated a LOT of crap!

This morning, five different women from my ward showed up and opened up a can of Jinkme-Foo on my living room and kitchen. It’s entirely packed. In less than two hours. LESS than TWO hours. I KNOW! Even my fancy china and knick-knacks from my grandma. Tomorrow and the next day there are more ladies lined up, and the kids’ rooms will be done in nothing flat. We just ran out of boxes, or I have no doubt that today’s crew would have done that too.

There is a crew of people painting my Little House today, and tonight the YM are taking care of the yard. Tomorrow the cleaners come in, and Thursday the carpets are being done. Mormons rock.

Now I’m off to visit-teach. Because I need to serve, too.

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