My friend Leslie was my rock today. She’s been here all week, and today when I got to the boxes that made me cry, she gently steered me from the room, and when I returned from running carpool, she was completely done with that room, wrapped, boxed, taped and labeled. It was a quiet act of love, and I am so grateful.

Carol brought me and the kids dinner, paper plates, plastic forks and disposable cups of Jello for Bean. That was after she had been packing my kitchen all day, and started on my food storage.

Emily brought special boxes and bubble wrap and spent the entire afternoon carefully wrapping up my wedding china (the only thing left if the kitchen) so that someday my daughter (or sons) can have a lovely serving for 10 of Lenox Federal Platinum.

Mo packed up my linens and modeled Beanie’s Snuggie on Twitter. She also got to see the Little House for the first time, and helped me get my Craigslist kitchen table in the front door. The new paint is very nice and fresh.

Ginette came and took Beanie and Abby to play at her house while I took Jeffrey to a Cub Scout meeting where he received his first merit badge and then the whole troop headed downtown for outside night ice-skating. For the first time in probably 10 years I strapped on some skates and took a few spins around the rink with my oldest boy. By the time we left, he had made it all the way around the rink without falling- it took all night, but he did it.

Marianne is taking my kids on Saturday to play at her place on the mountain, while the grown-ups get down to brass tacks and move the house. They will be happy and well loved while I, standing on the shoulders of giants, make a new home for them.

Half a dozen families have signed up to have us over for dinner from now until next Tuesday.

How does one ever, ever repay this kind of love? How does one say thank you in any meaningful way? The only way to even begin, is to make this a part of who I am, to knit it into the fabric of my soul , and  be ready to lift others as I have been lifted.

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