My book! Okay, well, it’s not MY book- but ten pages of it are mine! I’ve been reading all afternoon, and wow! it’s sooooo weird to read something published with your name.  I’ve been writing regularly for more than five years- and I like to think I’ve put out some decent writing. Not all of it, by a longshot, but some pieces make me proud. This is just really different.

There is something about holding a book in your hands that’s another world from looking at a screen. Of course you all already know I’m a sentimental sap and love the smell of books anyway. It was always a hidden dream in the back of my closet to actually DO this. And here it is, folded open in my lap.

I can see now why writers always thank their editors. Writing for publishing is like having a child- (hyperbole, I know!) but it’s apt. And you don’t want to cut out your words- this is where an editor is merciful and doesn’t have the emotional attachment to the word-children, and can pare it down, make you sound better, where you own vision is clouded. I’m really grateful, and I can already see where I would re-tool it if I could. Not to say it’s not good- it is. I’m pleased to have my name on it. Tickled pink, actually!

So if you feel like it, are looking for a summer read, click on the book cover in the right sidebar, and order yours today. They’re shipping now. I’m so happy!

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