You all know I’m a Yeti, right? I’ve posted about my shoe woes before. I wear a women’s size 12. Yes, you read that right. Twelve. It’s finally easier to find 11′s, but since I had babies, the monsters on the end of my legs grew even more, and I need a 12 now. It’s not funny. It’s quite sad- as most shoes that go up that big are Transvestite shoes, and I really have no interest in nine-inch lucite platforms or leather lace-up hip-boots.

So for years, I’ve shopped in the men’s department for my athletic shoes. Yes, Nike and a few other brands make women’s sizes up to 12′s, but they’re really hard to find, and usually way expensive. That means it’s been literally years since I had a pair of women’s athletic shoes. This has been an issue only in that men’s shoes are usually too wide, and I have to lace them tightly. But as I’ve lost weight, a miraculous thing has happened- my feet are shrinking too! I can actually get on an eleven now- that doesn’t mean they fit yet, but I CAN get them on. Think Drusilla in Cinderella. On the days when I feel discouraged or disgruntled this is the thing that keeps me going. Is that sad? I am more vain about my feet than I am about my butt. The idea of being able to wear an eleven again is more motivating than having a cute butt. But so help me, it’s true.

So today, I ran into Ross, the el-cheapo discount store, to grab a new workout bra. And as I raced back to the workout apparel, I noticed some shoes on the usually dismally populated 11-13 rack. They were Saucony running shoes, and they were women’s size 12. Oh, be still my heart! I dropped everything, and slipped my feet in… it was heavenly. They weren’t too wide, they weren’t too loose, they weren’t too stiff… they were just right! At they were only $34! Marked down from $109! Score!!

I’ve been wearing them all day, and I can’t wait to hit the gym. The arch is in the right spot, they are nice and narrow, they’re cushioned… welcome back, me, to the world of women’s shoes. If that’s not enough to keep me going, nothing is.

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