I have to write an Ethics paper tonight on Hobbes, in relation to Rousseau and Aristotle. I know- my brian is about to burst, and I have to dump it all so I can then go focus on really obscure classical ethicists who lived in times and spoke languages that require me to read each paragraph at least three time for it to sink in…

School with kids is freaking hard. I can do hard things. But this is really hard. It’s requiring a whole new set of things I haven’t accessed in years- or maybe ever. Last time I was in school, I didn’t care. I’ve always gotten good grades- and if I started to bomb in a class, it was because I stopped going or didn’t care. This time I care. Dig deep. Do hard things.

My home teacher brought over an air conditioning unit tonight. He and his son installed it, and for all my nostalgia earlier in the week, it sure is nice to not have my house be 85 degrees right now.

I made it to the gym for the first time in a week today. I was ready to bit the heads off live bats I was so stressed. So I went and beat myself up instead. It wasn’t the greatest workout ever- but it was the best one this week.

Abby is completely out of diapers and pullups now. Houston, we have bladder control. She’s woken up every morning lately with a dry pullup, so this may actually be the end of almost nine years of diapers.

It’s almost ten. A friend who just graduated from the same school I’m at told me today that most of my best writing will take place between 10 pm and 2 am. Looks to be about right.

Okay, I had to do something with the kids, so I knuckled under and joined Netflix, and the kids are having a ball watching movies and TV shows online while I study. Also, I started watching Arrested Development at night when I fall into bed. It helps me unwind, and seriously? I don’t think there’s been a funnier show ever.

My bed broke today. It’s a fancy bed, but it got moved to install the air, and one of the support struts fell out and then cracked when we moved it back. So my (same awesome) home teacher went to ACE and rebuilt my bed with fence hardware, 4×4 post anchors and 3″ screws. That sucker is never coming apart again. I may have to leave it when we move someday.


I want to paint my front door. But I cannot decide between tasteful brick red, or on wild chartreuse. Any bets?

Off to write a paper now…

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