In addition to my book-page wreath that I taught yesterday, we made chalkboards ($1 each), barn-wood picture frames ($3 each), bottle-cap necklaces ($2.50 each), fancy cake-servers ($5 each) and beaded bookmarks (75 cents each). My wreath was $1 plus your own book. It was a great day, with some really cool, inexpensive projects that actually make sometime nice you might want to have. The chalkboards (on the left) were factory seconds from the local cabinet company, and we just sanded them and painted the center panel. The barnwood frame was made with surplus fence boards from a demolition at a house in our ward. It was surprisingly easy to make, and looks fantastic.

The cake server was just a plain stainless server wrapped with glass beads on stainless wire. Some of them were really creative- Christmas colors, fall colors, all one color- it was fun to see what people came up with- and also really an easy project to be successful at.

Bookmarks were fun and pretty, and even people who feel craft-challenged can string some beads on a cord and have a pretty scripture marker. The bottle-cap necklaces were fun, and the teenage girls especially liked them. So did Abby.

Also, there was a knitting/crochet table set up with balls of yard and scads of needles for anyone wanting to learn. I’m already an avid knitter, but between projects, I learned to cable-knit from my stake president’s wife. I’d always been intimidated by cable knitting- and now am confident and happy that it’s not so hard. We also had a dozen crock-pots of soup in the kitchen with cookies and rolls being brought in cold then tossed in the oven. It was super, because there was hot food all day, but no one was stuck in the kitchen, and the clean-up was minimal.

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