Last night, at a Valentine’s party held my some friends of mine, I got a text from Auntie Heather wishing me Happy Tea Party Day. I had completely forgotten that in previous years, in an act of rebellion, we had deemed February 14th Tea Party Day, and actually had a tea party. That was back when Tea Party meant china cups and finger sandwiches, not crazy people with misspelled signs (edit: I’m being intentionally bombastic and inflammatory with that statement- have lots of conservative friends, and have been called out for this already this morning! I’m leaving the edits up as a testament to my flawed humanity- as if the rest of my life wasn’t already… ;) )

Hey, so when you’re in line behind a mother at the grocery store and she’s paying with food stamps, try really hard to keep from insisting she prove her desperation to you, a perfect stranger, because you’re offended that she has a cell phone along with her food stamps. Chances are, she’s keenly aware of her situation, and yeah, sometimes there are people who scam the system, but mostly? The people getting assistance need and qualify for it. My mom keeps me on her family-plan, incidentally, so I can have my cell phone. Does that answer your question, asshole?

Soooo ready for spring and some warm, yellow sunlight. Maybe I just need some vitamin D. We are closer to spring now than winter has left… happy.

July used to be my least favorite month, but February might be replacing it. Living in the Pacific Northwest changes a person’s perspective- in California, I would have daffodils, narcissus, freesia and jasmine blooming in my yard by now. Here? I’ve got soggy bark, matted winter lawn, and the tiniest hinting of the crocus tips thinking about sprouting. Does it make it sweeter that I have to wait for them? I tell myself that, but it’s bunk. I miss jasmine with a palpable ache right about the middle of February. Hello, longing.

Must hit the gym today. Must hit the gym today. Must hit the gym today. Speaking of, my good friend  who’s a runner gave me a present the other day- my first Under Armor. I. am. in. love. This stuff rocks! She got it in reflective white, so that when I run at night I’m actually safe and visible. It’s soft and tight and I love love love wearing it. She also got me a clip on light and a whistle, which Bean promptly commandeered. The light is pink. I have some awesome friends.

Almonds are my current favorite food in the world, just in random information. Well, that and cheese. Always cheese. Picked up some Beecher’s Reserve this weekend- it’s a Seattle-made cheese, and you should totally get some. Also, Humboldt Fog, which is always exemplary. Go forth, caseophiles.

School is harder this quarter, but I’m pulling a 92% in both my night classes. The one I’m actually worried about is a stupid online class in humanities I picked up, but it’s a music class and I didn’t realize the time commitment listening to all that stuff would be. I’m behind, and am going to have to cram to fit performances in. Not thinking well when I picked it- not a good class for a single mama with childcare issues. It’s the smallest pebbles that irritate the most.

A friend treated me to a movie this weekend, and we saw The Social Network. Surprised at how much I enjoyed it- and it made me homesick for Palo Alto. But I’m a snob that way. Can one be a welfare-queen and a snob? Welcome to my dichotomous world.

Bean and Abby are watching old-school Underdog. It’s awesome, and makes me feel about 7 again.

Anyone else had bebimbap before? I simply adore bebimbap, and had a spectacular version the other night. If you don’t know, bebimbap is a Korean hot-pot dish. Giant stone bowls are heated in the oven until they are screaming-hot, then lined with rice and filled with vegetables and meat and topped with a fried egg. The heat from the stone bowl cooks the veggies, and creates this divine crust on the rice, if you can be patient and wait before stirring it when the waiter delivers it to your table. I have a very hard time being patient. Gastronomic heaven though, if I can restrain myself.

The other day, I found a map store. Yes, an entire store of nothing but maps. Old maps, new maps, maps of the moon, venus, the new old world, science fiction maps, fantasy maps, topographical maps, relief maps, star maps. It was geek heaven.

Today’s nail polish name: Tie the Knot, a gunmetal grey with a deep pearl shine. Somehow, the knot-tying this color evokes are not wedding bells. Love it.

I really, really need some new music on my iPod. Speaking of, I have a huge new crush on Mumford & Sons. Someday I’m just going to learn to listen to Mo. She’s been talking them up for a long time. Them, and the Dropkick Murphys, who I also adore. Any other recommendations?

Bean is wearing my pink fluffly bathrobe around the house this morning. Only his head is through the armhole, because he says he likes it tight on his face. Okay then… onward and upward.

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