The previous two graduations at this preschool, I had a tiny new baby. This time, it was just me and my three big kids. Kinda cool and different; it felt like truly turning a page in my life. My years of the intense submersion of the pre-school years are officially over. Oddly, this milestone doesn’t cause tears to sting my eyes- I just feel grateful for the wonderful preschool, that my girl is reading, that everyone is happy and healthy, and that summer is right around the corner.

The theme of the celebration was dressing as farmers- which is why my little flower chose to deck herself out in a cotton candy puff of pepto-bismal pink. She was delighted with herself, and I was just glad we got out of the house without the Vader outfit.  She was the tall kitty cat in the barnyard song, and we every so pleased with herself. Her mama was pretty pleased too.

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