For weeks now I’ve been battling with Financial Aid at the University- and I know everyone has their own horror stories of the special level of unhelpful hell that is college fin/aid- so I’ll spare you mine. But finally this morning, children in tow, yet another trip out there, I emerged victorious, holds lifted, and funds set to clear for fall. I felt like Will Smith in Independence Day when he was dragging the parachute behind him in the desert.

The kids and I ran over to Senior Hall, where I was meeting with a new advisor, after placing a hex on my previous inept nincompoop. My new advisor provided me more concrete information in thirty minutes with three kids dancing around the desk than my old one did in five full quarters of college. We went over everything, and I have a written plan of exactly what I need to do EACH quarter between now and Spring in order to graduate in June. Before this week, I wasn’t even sure how many credits I had, and what applied to my major. Like I said, he was a nincompoop.

When I left my New and Improved Advisor’s office this morning, I had all my classes registered, winter and spring quarters laid out, my senior capstone reserved, and graduation slated. It was freaking amazing! Unreal what a little competence can do.

I can take the GRE in the spring, and while my course-load is going to be heavy between now and then (but I’m a college Senior so that’s kinda expected, right?) in June I should be walking in robes, a mortarboard, and hopefully with a tassel or three.

It’s the most hopeful I’ve felt in a long time. Now I need to start looking at Grad Schools. 3.92 is good, right? Anyone want to write me some letters of recommendation? ;)

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