Okay ladies- don’t get sucked in. Don’t believe the hype. Everywhere you turn right now is some mascara company claiming to have the new formula that makes your lashes look lush and long and full like falsies. It’s all b.s. The ads are photoshopped, and most of the women in the magazines are actually wearing false lashes. The Covergirl Lash Blast ads even says so in the smallprint at the bottom- they word it carefully- but Drew’s lashes are augmented! Everything from Lancome’s new Doll Lashes at near $30 to Falsies available at Walmart for around $5- and while some of them are nice mascara, none of them deliver.

So- what’s a girl to do? Only one thing- learn to put on false lashes!! Seriously, ladies- it’s not hard, and the payoff is fantastic. Mo turned me on to this years ago, and I was nervous and sketch about it at first, but I’m a serious devotee now. I don’t wear them often- I don’t generally do them for daytime, but when I want some serious pop, nothing beats a pair of demi-whispies for some glam.

They can be subtle- or totally over the top- but have some fun:


So don’t be afraid! Give it a shot! Here are some tutorials from my favorite makeup girls if you want to see how easy it is to do. If it’s not for you, no biggie- but don’t let inability to do it be the reason you don’t. Have fun with yourself and with being glamorous!