We can just completely ignore what the fog does to my hair, and imagine this will pretty much be the Virginia look as well, due to start in the fall.

It’s really really hard to finish and turn in your last final when this is out your window beckoning you to come out and play… I have one final left, and the professor was totally cool and emailed me the file and told me to take in and just submit it to him electronically with no penalty. Sometimes living now totally rocks.

Yeah, so I made a quick jump home for the weekend. The kids had time with their dad at my house, and I had some miles that needed to be burnt- et voila, a free weekend away for mama!

Got to spend some time with my family, see my brother, my nephews, hang out with some friends, and eat some of the best food on the planet. Sorry, Washington state, but San Francisco forever beats the flannels and Uggs off you in any foodie competition, barring none.

The Pacific ocean is my favorite.

I really really love airports and travel. The flurry and hustle and excitement of going somewhere— I don’t care where— is just intoxicating and I adore it. I would rather have an airplane ticket to somewhere that a new bag, or a fancy night out, or even sexy new shoes- yes, I meant that! (most of the time)

It’d been two and a half years since I was in San Francisco. When I’m away for too long, it’s easy to imagine my memories are idealized and it’s not really as lovely or as wonderful a city as I want it to be. Then I come home. And I realize my memories are actually faded photographs of what is real. It’s better. Golden, ephemeral, achingly beautiful. More than any memory.

No matter where I live, no matter where I go or end up, or how many places my wanderlust traveling heart takes me, San Francisco will always— always— be home.


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