Checking in from my life of leisure. It appears I made it through the first week- but I’m still shell-shocked. Eleven weeks to go. I got absolutely ZERO pages written on my capstone- which means I now have to produce 3-4 pages a day for the rest of the month. Easy, right?! Two of my classes should be relatively simple, two of them are killers. I guess I should be grateful. Had my first algebra tutoring session yesterday- two hours of brain-bending madness, but I can do it. I forgot it’s Easter until late last night, then fell asleep instead of running to Voldemart like I intended. I think there’s an Easter egg hunt today, and my math tutor is coming over again. Tomorrow is church, and Monday it all starts again. BUT THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL!!! Oh, and I woke up to yellow sunlight for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks. This part of Washington? Not gonna miss it. Bite me, incessant dreary rain!

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