Took the kids to the Air and Space annex out by Dulles. It was insanely cool, but then I lost Bean. That is NOT the place to lose a spectrum child, let me stress that. STRESS. Here’s a picture of when I found him, on the THIRD FLOOR CATWALK:

It was awesome.

I may be getting used to the humidity and heat. It freaks me out to say it, but I walk outside now on a 100* day, and it still sucks, but I don’t weep in terror.

We saw fireflies on Sunday night after dinner at a friend’s house. The kids were running and frolicking in a glen behind her house, and the miraculous little bugs were dotting the evening. I admit, I was utterly enchanted. I had one in my cupped hands and it lit it’s little behind and I squealed with delight.

Today, I unpacked the last box that will be unpacked. There are still a few that are storage-bound, and the holiday stuff is stashed in a closet, but all the rest of the boxes are empty, broken down, and ready for the next person moving. Know anyone?

I’ve been Ms. Industrious lately. I’ve assembled Ikea stuff, hung pictures, painted the whole damn house, used dry-wall anchors (successfully too!) bolted a cabinet to the wall, installed a new doorknob, hung curtain-rods, and repaired the storm door. I even bought my very own drill bits at Lowe’s today. Hooooah!

The time-change is throwing me for a loop. Most of the people I know are in the pacific and mountain time zones, and now that we’re fully adjusted to this eastern seaboard (why do they call it that? it’s not the western seaboard— it’s the west coast) I find myself reaching to pick up the phone, and realizing most everyone I know is still asleep. And then my brothers call, and it’s bedtime for me and they’re still winding down from work. Weird.

I flatironed my hair yesterday for the first time since I got here. It was mostly futile, but was also just successful enough that it gave me fragile hope for the fall, when I might again not look like a hot mess.

Checked out the kids’ schools. Very close, and decently rated. Happy.

The fireplace/den room has become the kids’ chess room. They set up a table in the middle, and spent the better part of today playing each other and using words their poor chess-dumb mama doesn’t know. My kids can all cream me in the game of kings.

Bean has turned his Hide-y Hole into a palace. He’s got pillows, blankets, a light, and the portable DVD player in there, and he requests his meals be served there now as well. We just knock on the door, and he peeks out. Whatever makes him happy.

The kids are overjoyed that we have a Lego store nearby. It was a four hour drive before- now they can do the monthly free build, and have already put it on the calendar.

I’m quite dissatisfied with my grocery store options close by. Yes, Costco is super close, and I do love that- but when it’s late and I just need to run in for a gallon of milk or some cheese? Costco is not what I want to mess with. I hear there’s a Trader Joes and a Whole Foods. Need to ferret them out. I tried this place called Harris Teeter, and it’s okay. Still looking…

Getting together with my dear bloggity friend Kellie tomorrow again, before she heads off for some wild adventures living abroad. Next week we get to go visit Heather O and her brood too. Living here definitely has its perks.

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