All of my life I’ve had crazy curly hair. Never has there been a heroine or even a celebrity who I could really look to and think “that’s me”… Then I went to see Brave with the kids. Now, I’m not claiming to be a fiery redheaded princess with wicked archery skills. But I have popped out a couple of redheaded kids, and I DO have hair just like hers.

What they got SO RIGHT, what mesmerized me, was the texture and differentiation in the curl. It’s always perplexed me when I see other women with curly hair, and they have uniform curls. Mine are a crazy hot mess- some of them, especially underneath and around the crown are wicked tight curls. Then there are layers of looser, softer curls. Mixed in are the in-betweeners, and the texture and direction of the curl can change half way down the length. I’ve fought this mess all my life, thinking I was the only one in the world with what amounts to basically three heads of different textured hair on my head.

Turns out I just need to go to Scotland. Go figure.

So I’m grateful today, for a heroine that embodies, at least in a small part, a part of myself I’ve battled with all of my life. Perhaps, with Jeffrey embracing the bagpipes, and my kids’ own fiery red hair, and my own surname, I can finally lay down my battle ax and have some peace with who I am. Or at least with my hair. Thanks, Pixar. Once again, well done. Oh. And the story was good too.

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