Shhhh… don’t say it too loudly, but I’m starting to appreciate being able to go for a stroll in the late evening and have the air be balmy and not bracing or biting. The warm summer night thing might be growing on me.

Adjustments going fine, most of the time. We’ve had some tear-sodden incidents this week as we miss friends and our old ward (holy crap, do we miss our old ward!) but overall, it’s okay- I even got an “I guess I like it here- EXCEPT FOR THE ZEKE PART!” from Jeffrey. (Zeke is his BFF back on the west coast)

Super shhhhhh…. my dad ordered Jeffrey a set of bagpipes from Scotland for his birthday. Should I send out a letter to the neighbors now??

Abbs got a big-girl haircut yesterday- a chin-length bob with no bangs. She looks cute, so very serious, and probably more like a grad-student than I do:

She taught a friend of mine how to play chess the other day. A grown-up friend. Yes, she did. And yes, my daughter was the only kindergartner to be admitted to the chess club. This girl is gonna do important stuff. I hope I’m cut out to be a good enough mama for her. Okay, stepping away from the edge of that rabbit hole now…

I got called to Primary. To teach Bean’s class. First time ever… I said no.

First Tuesday of every month, the Lego store has a free builder workshop. Maybe you already knew that– everyone else in the greater DC area seemed to, because we waited in line for nearly AN HOUR for the kids to get in the store, collect their little bucket of pieces, and build a small great white shark. I think if I factor in the time we stood around, parking, driving, and annoyance, I paid $30 for those free Lego. But dude. The kids had a freaking ball. Yes, that is my ten-year old, gleefully waiting for his free Lego, who is now FIVE FEET FIVE INCHES TALL!

Also? Tyson’s Corner Mall? What a damn madhouse!

Somehow or other, we hit a Temporal Causality Loop yesterday, because we made it home using the 495 (that’s the “beltway”) and 66 at 6:30 in the evening, and hit no traffic. That will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. But let it stand that it did, in fact, happen. Once.

I made homemade Nutter Butter cookies last night. Prepare for a food-gasm. If you like peanut butter, that is. I can’t eat them, but the looks on the faces of those who can tell the tale.

Got all three kids registered for school. Jeffrey starts middle school. Trying not to geek out about that, or imagine my own hellish middle school years. Here’s hoping a giant redheaded kid who plays the bagpipes is considered cool in at least one circle.

Bean is actually doing a million times better than I imagined. It seems he has his bucket of issues that he packs with him wherever he goes, but otherwise, everyone else can just go pound sand. He’s fine. He’s the child I’m least worried about, ironically enough, after 8 solid years of worrying myself nauseated. Is that the parenting payoff?

Hair update: Back to shampooing with conditioner, per my curly girl experiment of many years ago. It’s helping exponentially. I do think the length is simply unsustainable in this humidity, and I might have to hide the scissors from me, not just Bean, to keep from hacking it off. I’ve already snipped some bad tangles from underneath rather than deal. That should be fun growing out! “Who does your hair, dear?” “ME! Why do you ask?” says the crazy woman…

I’ve got a massive pile of flat, broken-down, perfectly-usable moving boxes if you know anyone in the Tri-State area that stands in need. Storage is tight in Townhouse City.

My ward seems, cautiously, to be quite lovely. There’s the normal cast of characters that pop up everywhere, but so far, folks have been quite nice. Scads more diversity here, and I’m happy to report Bean has stopped remarking (loudly, or at all) on the varying differences in people.

Went to a barbecue last weekend at a new friend’s house, and they had the best slip-n-slide ever. The kids spent the entire day doing this:

That doesn’t suck. Glad July is over and we’re almost to the ‘bers.

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