This song is meandering and winding its way around the pathways of my mind.

It’s been a long week, and it’s only Thursday. It’s just been one thing after another, and I keep looking at the calendar, the same way I would every 16 seconds in algebra class. Yep, still Thursday.

I’m going Visiting Teaching for the first time since I moved. I don’t know jack about the women I’m assigned to, and I don’t know where anything is, so this should go swimmingly.

Speaking of swimming, we’ve been here for five weeks now and I still haven’t gotten our pool passes from the neighborhood association, despite filling the papers out twice. Getting disgruntled.

I’m out of ice. If you know me, you know that’s a crisis situation.

Had dinner last night with a friend from Kindergarten who was in town for a navigation convention. There’s a photo of him and I together, tiny five year olds, sitting on the monkey bars at Raynor school. I wish I knew where it was, I’d post it. Living in DC means lots of visitors, and I have to admit, after living so far off the beaten track for a decade— I like it.

I may have a second book being optioned. Shhhh. More on that later.

Next week is Dandelion’s SEVEN year birthday. That translates to about a kajillion in bloggy years, so expect some fanfare and perhaps some design changes. I already changed the URL— did you notice?? I’m just me now.

Off to VT, wet hair and all. Not that it matters, as soon as I step outside. Sigh…

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