One of the first things I loved about our townhouse, despite how much smaller it is that even Little House, was the odd cupboard under a pass-thru to the dining area. It’s small and has double doors, and the previous owners had wired it with electricity inside, I assume for a bar area perhaps. But for me… all I could think was BEAN will LOVE this.

And sure enough… it’s become his personal spot. It’s too small and tight for Jeffrey to get in— though he’s tried— and Abby can’t fit either. Bean has filled it with pillows, a lamp, books, his blanket, and a dvd player. When life gets too tough, or he need to reset, I send him to the Hidey Hole. Some evenings, he even has his dinner in there. If he’s having a particularly hard time, I set his dinner outside the door, knock lightly, and leave him be. He inevitably comes out soon after, reset and happy again.

I wish everyone had a Hidey Hole.


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