It will al be fine. Always is. I am well acquainted with my bootstraps, and I have several kicky and cute pair of Big Girl Pants. I’m no ones victim, and this too shall pass. Yeah yeah yeah- believe me, I’ve got that one down in aces. It’s a bad week, not a bad life. Right? RIGHT??

I won’t line everything out, because dammit I am sick of having crap going wrong, but I will give you the nutshell: grad school testing, interviews, changes in program, IEP changes, emissions test and state inspection, parking ticket for not having said test despite having a 30 day window and proof of said window, two months of waiting if we get EBT with still no answer or funding, medical benefits that are turned down at every hospital and clinic I can find, Bean needing some medical care, a car accident (very minor), attempting to get flu shot and being told my benefits are only good at a doctor’s office (see above), another test, state of Washington lost the child support X sent in (yay!!) despite my having been waiting since Sept 1 for it, X cannot send October support in until we figure out where September went, bills due, and on and on it goes.

The part that sucks is many of these things I am powerless to do anything about. If I can get in there and roll up my sleeves and do some stomping, I’m more than happy and willing to do it- it’s just the layers of crap and bureaucracy so many of these problems are couched within… I’m exhausted. And I popped the yolks flipping my eggs this morning. Going back to bed is looking pretty good…

And Abby wanted to take goofy pictures and put them up- so there’s your dissonance for the day. Plus, it’s my birthday on Wednesday. Erp.

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