Thank you for all the marvelous recipe ideas. I think I have my menu set now, thanks in no small part to the links you sent me. The turkey is wearing a coat of bacon, the dates will be stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in whatever bacon is left, and the mashed potatoes will be baked twice and topped with… bacon. Hmmmm… a theme, perhaps?

What are you doing for Black Friday? Are you a shopper? My mom and sisters-in-law are the kind who totally dig the vibe and head out at midnight. Me? There is nothing in the world I want bad enough to get me in a store on Friday. I’m taking the kids on a picnic and we’re going to play hide and seek with friends in a cool wooded area we found. Then when we get back, it’s time to get out the Bing Crosby and find a tree farm.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. If you’re a shopper, bon chance mon amis, and enjoy yourself in the invigorating chaos of the hunt. If you’re like me, consider a picnic if the weather is nice enough, or do whatever it is that brings you joy.

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