481704_10151200553205963_964460328_nYeah yeah yeah, I know. It’s been insanely busy. I got a job. It’s not making baklava, as shown above— that was yesterday’s activity, between writing and knitting the last two socks of the holiday. I’ve been knitting. Did I tell you that? Anyway…It’s only very part time, but it’s the first regular income I’ve had since… well, before Jeffrey was born. Oh, I’ve had income- from books, patterns, freelance work, commissions, etc… but nothing on a monthly basis I could count on. It’s not many hours, but it’s work, and it’s writing, and it’s paid. So yay!

But what that also means is that I’m running around like a chicken with my head off, juggling waaaaay too many things for my taste. I know some folks like to be really busy— I’m not one of them. I value my down time, and I value having swaths of the clock where I can exhale and remember who I am. For me to feel sane, that’s vital. So while the job might be small, reorganizing my time along with all the holiday hustle and bustle is making me the tiniest bit crazy.

What are your best cookie recipes for Christmas? I have another slab of baklava to make, as this is all being mailed out, and ditto the fudge. I got a recipe for salted brown butter Nutella chocolate chip cookies. I wish I could taste them, but they LOOK divine. I’m thinking along with the above, I’m going to add Sugar Cookies (of course), Wedding Cakes, Toffee and Ginger Snaps. Oh, and Rosettes. Know what those are? My mom used to make them when I was a kid, and she sent me the iron set. They’re my favorite cookie ever, and I’ll find a way to make them gluten free, come hell or high water.

dec-605I’ll do a tutorial on them if you want- but you do have to have the irons- there IS no other way. Fried cookies…Yummmmmmmm…. How long will I have to stay on the eliptical to work those babies off? SO WORTH IT.

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