524112_10151217056930963_642016827_nThis is my favorite night of the year. Everything is done. There is no more hustle and bustle or running around or tackling crowds… the kids are humming with excitement and their teeth are practically chattering with anticipation, and there is nothing now except putting on new jammies, reading the Christmas story, and tucking them into bed. They’ll squirm and flip and flop and sleep will elude them for a while, and I’ll collapse on the couch with only the lights of the tree glinting in the darkened living room. Once it’s quiet, like every other parent I know, I’ll tiptoe into hiding places and closets, and invite a little childhood magic into our lives.

I don’t know how much longer they’ll believe in fat magical elves, or in mama’s ability to makes things beautiful. I don’t know how much longer they will tumble down the stairs Christmas morning, a jumble of tangled hair, new jammies, and hearts racing with joy and excitement. But while I’ve still got it, I’m going to stop a moment, notice, and treasure it. Merry Christmas to you— wherever you may be, and whatever magic and love you can mine. Blessed be you and yours this holy night.



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