Leaving, on a Jet-Plane, La Laaa La la…

We are headed down to California tomorrow, and I am looking forward to this trip. My kids haven’t been to their grandparents’ since our trip in January, although we did see them briefly in May down in Portland for my brother’s college graduation. (Just a side note; never take a three and one-year-old to a college commencement! The ceremony is long and sitting still? Well, lets all laugh together at that idea!) Anyway, the Portland trip was spent in a hotel with my husband barfing for two days straight (timely food-poisoning or stomach-flu, who knows…) and missing all the fun, while I tried to keep my kids happy while everyone else was busy with graduation stuff. Turns out it was stomach-flu; my mom, brother, sister-in-law and nephew all got sick when they got home…Lovely.

The schedule for this trip is looking good. Lots of time to just hang out with family and see friends. My brother is taking a whole week of vacation time while we are there, so I should be able to spend some serious time with him, and my youngest brother (the college grad) is postponing moving out of my mom’s until after we leave. That is, if mom doesn’t kick him out before we get there tomorrow..!

I have about a gajillion things to do today; I am the queen of the procrastinators. I used to pretend I waited because I worked better under pressure; that’s a lofty idea, but alas, a lie. I don’t work better under pressure, I am just kinda lackadaisical about some things, and then I run around like a mad-woman at the last minute trying to get everything done. DFM refers to me as a “slave-to-whimsy” and I really prefer this over the other things I could be called!

So tomorrow I am leaving on vacation for two weeks with two kids under four, and I haven’t even looked to see if the suitcases are in the garage. I think they are. I hope they are. But what if they’re not? See, I won’t think about that. I will cross that bridge if I need to. See how it works? It will be long past midnite before I am done and in bed tonite, which ought to make the airport and security especially fun tomorrow. Along with packing and getting our ducks-in-a-row for our ghastly pre-dawn excursion to the airport, I have: some design prototypes that I need to deliver to a client; to go to the county health building downtown to get my youngest’s birth certificate (to prove he is under 2 and still qualifies to fly free); deliver some textiles to a friend who is going to cover for me while I am gone; organize the bills so DFM knows what to pay when; clean the house sort of; chip the crust off the kids carseats so that I am not embarrassed when I check them; put together happy-fun bags for the plane in hopes the kids will be quiet during the flight; oh, and pack.

Its do-able.