Old Home Week

Well, I suppose since I am “home”, it only figures that I will encounter people from my past. Some are welcome, some, aaahh, not so.

This morning I got an e-mail from an old high-school girlfriend that I haven’t seen in over a dozen years. She is someone whose good example played a part in my interest in joining the LDS church, and I was very pleased to hear from her. Like all of us, life has given her some ups and downs, but it’s always good to hear from a friend who is basically doing well.

Yesterday I was in a department store with my mom, and ran into the ex-wife of an old friend of mine and my husbands. She had her kids with her, and after I got over the initial shock of seeing how big they were, we chatted for a while. Her husband was part of a circle of friends that DFM and I have asolutely nothing to do with anymore, and she had news from every corner of the world about them. Two of the men in the group are serious ex-boyfriends of mine, and one woman an “ex” of DFM. It seems one of my “ex” and DFM’s “ex” are now together and have two children. Another lives in Hawaii and runs a restaurant owned by yet another old friend. Others are scattered, but from what she told me, they have all basically settled down, which is astonishing considering how messed up this group of people were! I guess anything is possible.

My best-girlfriend (from the time we were 12) is a newleywed, and she and her husband are coming over today for my kids’ birthday party. (It kind of bothers me that we are having my kids’ party on a Sunday, but the goal of this trip is peace and harmony with my mom, so there we are.) My extended family do not belong to any church, and I am trying to decide if I can sneak out for a Sacrament meeting at 11 without causing tension, but it doesn’t look promising. There will be about 40 people here this afternoon, and I know my kids will have a ball. And for now, that is good enough.