Notes from California, Part III

The last two days have been bizarre amalgam of fever, congestion, pain and watching the South drown through the sleepy haze of being sick. I can’t remember the last time I was sick like this. My dreams have been twisted and convoluted and mixed up with images from the cable-news channels covering the disaster that is New Orleans and Mississippi, with bennedryl added to the mix for extra sleepiness and confusion. (Bennedryl being one of the only things take-able while pregnant)

I keep thinking, as I watch the looters and the base, natural man come out, that this is what we were sent here to overcome. It is frightening how quickly society degrades and people resort to primal, fear-based behavior; and, it is heartening how many heroic and generous people are rising above their own trials and trying to help others. We are certainly seeing the best and the worst that mankind has to offer.

Seeing someone like Jesse Jackson on the news this morning spewing rhetoric about how the relief efforts are racist, and how not enough is being done because the stranded people are mostly poor and black, made me so angry. Garbage like that only serves to inflame angst and prop up a culture of entitlement. Everything humanly possible is being done, and now is not the time to criticize or inflame a desperate situation.

We will have the luxury of hind-sight with which to analyze the last few days someday, but for now, we all should be rolling up our sleeves and get busy helping one another.