Cows and Romance

We went to the County Fair on Saturday to celebrate Eric’s birthday, and the kids had fun, I think. Sometimes when I do things with my small kids, it is so much work and hassle, I walk away feeling drained and wondering why I even tried. Then later, I hear the kids are telling everyone they know about how much fun they had. Seems they take away a very different experience than we do as parents. That, in this case, my friends, is a good thing.

First, the County Fair here in Eastern Washington, is a real county fair. Lots of 4H exhibits, Grange exhibits, and agriculture and animal husbandry. There was a large midway with all the rides, exposition halls, a huge food area, and lots of barns full of cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, llamas, sheep, goats, and even camels. (Who knew there were camels in Washington?) The kids thought this was fabulous, and Eric was delighted with the cows, and Jeffrey got to see where milk comes from. (I’m not sure he actually believes that we get our milk from that weird bag-like thing hanging under the cow)

The most important thing I took away from the day? The County Fair is a bad, bad place if you are in your first trimester and fighting nausea and the urge to barf all day long. I had to run out of the animal barns more than once. Not that anyone would have noticed, with all the cow poop around, but still… DFM took pitty on me and told the kids it was time to go somewhere else, and we headed over to get lunch. What normally would be an appealing array of food to choose from was just one big nasty smell-o-rama for me; I left DFM and the kids to go look for an ATM, but what I really wanted was to get away from all the hundreds of stinky food smells wafting around. Not a good time for Mama.

On the happier side, Eric had his first carmeled-apple and made a fine and sticky mess of it; Jeffrey was very brave and screwed up the courage to pet a goat, after Eric showed him it was ok; we paid outrageous carnie prices for dumb little rides that the boys loved; they both ate blue sno-cones and turned blue inside and out, and we got to see an antique tractor race. Oh, and the weather was lovely, which was great, because last year it rained the whole fair.

Later that night, DFM and I went out to dinner for our 6th anniversary. Doesn’t seem that long when I write it, but lifetimes have passed in six years. I’ll spare everyone the details of our date, but after dinner we ended up at Toys-R-Us to exchange a birthday present. After 6 years of being married, and 16 years of being best-friends, we don’t need much to be amused. A dinner with no kids, some quiet in the car, and an uninterrupted night of sleep… Now that’s romantic!

5 thoughts on “Cows and Romance

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Can’t believe it’s been six years since I was standing up there next to David watching him marry my best friend. How time flies!

  2. It was alot of running around and
    I was probably grumpier than I
    should have been,at times, however
    I would (and will) do it again.

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