The Firestorm over Mr.Fish…

It seems Mr. Fish and his recent relocation has sparked a bit of a family feud. Last night after Dumber #26 read my post about what Mom did, he called her at 10:30 to yell at her, and then Dumb #22 wouldn’t talk to her when she called him this morning.

So then Mom calls me to tell me that my facts are not all correct. The Fish-Man did not actually pay her for Mr. Fish; she gave him away. Just so that I am clear: this is better? Anyway, this was the only point she disputed. She said if my brothers were so upset, they could go to the fish store and buy Mr. Fish themselves. Eh-hemmm. Brace yourselves….

(I have to laugh, as I can see it from all of their points of view…)

Unimportant addendum: For the next day, all creativity is being funneled elsewhere. Yes, in between gagging and throwing-up, I am finally working. I finished five of the six design specs today, and now just have to finish the drawings and have the photo’s taken. Tomorrow while Jeffrey is at school, Eric and I will go to the printer. The plastic bag in my purse will hopefully not be needed. Seriously, three is a good number, right?

5 thoughts on “The Firestorm over Mr.Fish…

  1. Ok, so since she gave him away that makes it better? Fish are pets Susan, you have to take of them just like another pet.

  2. I didn’t know about the Koi pond offer… That would have been a good happy life for him, Kind of like sending Sparky to live on a farm!
    I think this one is going to follow her around for a loooong time!

  3. I’ve had fish. They float in the water. You put food in their bowl and clean it periodically. If that’s your definition of a pet, that’s fine.

    Maybe I was just traumatized as a child when our fish had babies and then ate them all.

  4. Well, perhaps I will go buy Mr. Fish since I killed all of D’s fish last week after I cleaned their tank. Oops 😦 I will be going down to The Fish Tank to buy more (someday) and I will try to remember to take a picture of Mr. Fish if I don’t buy him. AEM

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