Baking Bread and the Feel of Fall

When I bake bread with my children, this is what happens. Maybe I am a bad mom, but I just can’t tell them “no” when it comes to playing with flour. It’s just so much fun. They write in it with their fingers, dig in it, sift it, they roll in it, and as you can see, Jeffrey really gets into the rolling part. There were actually two very nice loaves of bread that came out of this debacle. The flour is no big deal to clean up, as long as you don’t spill any water- then it becomes a gluey nightmare!

We grind our own flour with a stone grinder, and the kids think this is the coolest thing they have ever seen- They actually fight over who gets to sit closest to it on the counter, and they love to watch the wheat kernels fall into the stone wheels. Then, you open the compartment below, and you have warm, fresh flour. Eric likes to eat the plain flour right from the drawer (yuck!), but Jeffrey prefers rolling naked in it. Actually, he had his clothes off before I even realized it, and by that time, there was no point in telling him no. (editors note: no flour that actually touched naked boys was used in the production of this bread.)

Something about fall brings me into the kitchen, and I know I am not the only one. Fall is baking-bread time. I do not really let them do this every time I bake. Sometimes it is a no-nonsense affair, and they have to go find something else to do, but sometimes, if I am feeling like a happy mom, I let them have a ball helping me. As they grow up, I hope these are some of the good memories they have of a warm kitchen, a cheerful mom, and hearty, healthy, good smelling and yummy homemade food.

Last week I sent both kids out in the backyard to pick the small, hard apples off of our four apple trees. When they were done throwing them at each other and across the yard, they came in with about 1/2 a basket of actual usable apples. But, we are going to make a small batch of applesauce, and I know it will be the best applesauce ever; it came from our trees, gathered by my children… How could it not be?

The big maple tree in our front yard is just starting to turn. The tips of the leaves are heading towards yellow and amber, and the “burning-bush” in the yard is already scarlet. Last night we had a terrific wind-storm; the air was crisp and full of leaves, and I found DFM out on the front porch several times, just letting the wind whip around him and enjoying it. Something about fall is so magical…

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I’m just starting to think about making my own bread. That’s great about making your own flour! I’d love to do that. 🙂 Your kids will have great memories of this.

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