I’m Not Mad, Really.

Editors Note: It has been…requested…by a member of my family that I no longer write about that particular member. At all. Evidentially, what I thought was a tasteful, fairly handled, loving and appropriate commentary on that particular member of my family, was not. So, there are two columns from the last ten posts that have been permanently deleted, per familial request and my desire to ensure domestic tranquility and peace for the commonwealth. I will leave it to the rest of you to juxtapose and infer the who-what-why-where-and-when.

It is time once again for Enrichment Night, and this morning I have a meeting with a bunch of other ladies where we will sit around while our kids wreak havoc on the room and discuss the service auction we are having tonite. I keep hoping for another calling, but maybe that is exactly why I still have this one. The good thing is my kids wont be the only wild ones at this meeting, but I will be stressed out and haggard by the time we leave anyway.

Two meetings ago, there were eleven kids running around the Relief Society room while we tried to talk about committee things. Jeffrey had to pee and decided that he had to take off all his clothes to do so, including his shoes. So my just-four year old is running down the church halls naked, and Eric ran into the men’s room. After hollering to make sure there were no unsuspecting men in there, I went in and Eric was in the urinal, holding the pink disinfectant cake thing. Never have I been so grossed out in my life; even writing about it makes my skin crawl… I gathered my naked and gross kids up, grabbed my stuff, and yelled down the hall that I was leaving, sorry. The thought of what Eric had on his body just required that I leave and get the child home to a bath immediately. The woman who is in charge of the committee is older, and had ten (yes, egad, ten) children, and I can see the disdain with which she looks at those of us who cannot handle our two kids. Oh well!

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Mad, Really.

  1. Wow, holding the urinal cake. Thats disgusting! I would have taken them home asap also. Can’t blame you for that.

  2. hey, I know adults at work who play around with urinal cakes (although they are still packaged). They tell people they are mints…

  3. Hah! I can’t top that by aby stretch but I am so glad you fled the scene. What is even more maddening is the snootiness of any mother who would think to judge another’s style.

    But on to the real point of my comment! I read with glee the announcement that enrichment night would be only four times a year from now on.(beginning in jan 06) I literally junped for joy! 8 fewer reason to feel guilty next year! Until a person has served in your capacity they will never begin to understand what kind of stress planning and executing erichment night is on the planner’s family. Then you go and people compalin because it was boring. UGH!

    I feel for you, I really do.

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