Rant: People

I don’t understand people. I just don’t.

Confrontation is a yucky thing, I don’t think many people like it, myself included. However, when the situation or circumstance warrants it, confrontation is sometimes necessary. What is the deal with people who freely make comments about something or someone, but when the subject is present and accounted for, they curl up in the corner pretending to be innocuous? If you are going to express yourself about something or someone, have the backbone to stand by your opinion. You don’t have to be callous or cruel to express yourself, and I beleive it is possible to have a contrary opinion without being a contrary person. Just because we have differences of opinion doesn’t mean we cannot be friends and even learn from one another.

One of the things I love the absolute best about my husband is that he is always the same man. In the 16 years I have known him, I have never seen him alter who he is or was due to circumstance or person present. He is kind, he is diplomatic when need be, but he does not ever abandon himself to please others. He never talks about people behind their backs; you always know where you stand with him. Now, he is not some moral superhero, he had many faults like the rest of us, however his lack of artifice and pretense is one of his biggest graces.

Perhaps being married to him and being friends for so long has made me intollerant of people who hide their feelings. Or perhaps my point of view is mitigated by the twelve-step programs I have both seen and taken part in. If there is an elephant in the middle of the room, I know how bad it is to pretend it’s not there, and you better beleive I am going to talk about it! I just don’t get it. The amount of energy required to be two-faced is just way too draining and damaging of an investment. So there. That’s my rant.

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