Dumber and the Poop-Balls

After having been on a heavy-subject bender this week, I thought this update from my brother was worth sharing. He made me laugh really hard when he told me, and I had a similar experience with my kids too, when they were smaller.

Dumber’s son CJ is almost nine months old, and cute a button (and as my only nephew, I am entitled to think so). Dumber is a totally involved dad, and even if he wasn’t my brother, I would think he is doing a really good job. So he shares all of the childcare and household responsibilities with my sister-in-law since they both work. They have actually managed a good setup with flexibility of their hours and CJ only has to be in daycare two or three days a week.

The other day, Dumber went to change CJ’s stinky diaper, and when he opened it up, he was surprised to find it full of little individual balls of poop. (I think every baby goes through a poop-ball period- my kids sure did) Anyway, like any normal 8 1/2 month old, CJ thinks it’s fun to play and kick and roll around on the changing table. The diaper was unfastened, and Dumber was trying to restrain him when baby’s foot caught on the diaper and sent it flying. Poop-balls everywhere, baby laughing, totally stunned brother. Nice! Now, if you know how totally fastidious and neat Dumber is, this would be even funnier to you. We have caught him rolling his extra shoelaces and storing them in his desk so they would stay neat and clean; his closet is color-coded, and he alphabetizes things. So to imagine him crawling around on the floor of his son’s room looking for poop-balls is just too much fun. Of course, CJ thought it was hilarious, and was laughing on the changing table while dad looked for his scattered…scat!

Dumber calls me to tell me this story, then says a day later, he was in the bedroom, and he found another poop-ball that he missed… His nose led the way. Ah, parenting. Nothing like it!

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