Someone once said that if there had been antidepressants 150 years ago, some of the best art the world knows would never have gotten made. It certainly does seem easier to be creative in times of upheaval and strife than in times of placidness and ease.

In no way am I a master artist, and I also have no first hand experience with antidepressants (other than always laughing at the Welbutrin smiling-blob thing and guy who smiles and talks about the low risk of sexual side-effects), but I can relate to having my creativity sapped by a plain and boring life. I am not complaining, mind you! I just find myself with not much to say, since the business is doing well, my designs are out, I don’t have any deadlines, my kids are happy and healthy, DFM is doing great at work, and other than my barfing problem, I am pretty boring. (And I am sick and tired of thinking about my barf problem, so I assume you are tired of reading about it, too)

Fall is settling in, and the yard is beautiful; the leaves are almost thick enough for the kids to jump in, and they can’t wait. I know the season is changing, because I got my knitting out. How is that for exciting? The cooler months are the only time I knit. I can’t stand the thought of knitting when it’s warm out, but it’s totally therapeutic when it’s cold. Tonite I finished a pair of socks for myself, and I have them on right now. Few things make me happier than freshly knitted socks. What can I say? I’m pretty simple. My mom teases me about making socks and makes fun of them, but they are soooo cool, she just wishes I would give her a pair. Hey, this year maybe everyone will get a pair of socks! You should all be so lucky- wish on, family! Wish on!

3 thoughts on “Ho-Hum

  1. I think I’m at my most creative when I’m hormonal. Except for when it comes to taking pictures–I can do that anytime.

    Are we going to be able to see any of your artwork?

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